(Case Study) How I Generated $12,000 in Sales for a Local Business in 1 month (with only $80 in Ad Spend)

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So around 2 months ago a friend of mine asked me to help market his local business online.

He has a concrete walling business where they manufacture and install precast concrete walls.

I told him to create a simple and free 3 page website on Wix or WordPress.

On the site I told him to write a few paragraphs about who they are and what they do. Also, he added 8 photographs of completed projects that they had done.

His contact us form and phone number for people to get a free quote had to be in a place on the top of the page where customers could easily see it and click to take action.

Simple stuff right?

Yes, he went and got it done in an afternoon and sent me the url. 

I created an Adwords account for him and setup the campaign targeting people in the area who are searching for concrete walling.

The campaign spent around $80 (only around 100 clicks) in the first month and my friend got around $12000 worth of work from the ads.

It took me  45 minutes to set the campaign up the right way ( I have lots of Adwords experience)

Now, I spend about 10 minutes per month making sure the ads are still running and the bids are right etc.

Do you think my friend is happy about the performance of my marketing service?

You bet!

As a thank you present, He gave me a 7 holiday at their house in a resort in Mozambique.

Now, let’s say he was not my friend but a client of mine.

Do you think he’d be willing to pay me $300 per month for the service? 

Let’s do some math, they spend 300 bucks on me plus $80 for the ads per month. That’s a total of $380 per month to get $12k in business.

I would say their profit on that 12k is probably around 5k or more (just guessing)

So, would you pay $380 to make 5k in profit?

You bet!

There are millions of these businesses all over the world that needs marketing services which ppl like you and me can provide for a nice monthly fee.

My friend’s business is located on the east coast of South Africa in a small community.

If it can work here, it can work anywhere in the world.

It’s easy to setup, the service sells itself once you have some case studies and it’s easy to fulfill the service as well. 

Now that my friend is doing well on Adwords, I can do Facebook ads for him, SEO, Email marketing and more. 

Now, do you think you can spend a month or two to find 10 clients at $300 or $400 per month for a nice 4K per month recurring income stream that you can run from anywhere in the world?

Of course you can.

What if I told you that i found an even better and easier business model to make recurring income from helping local businesses all over the world get more leads and customers from Adwords.

My friend Chris Winters has perfected a system where he creates simple (ugly) 1 page websites, sets up some Adwords ads and sell the leads to local businesses all over the world.

Chris is making great money with this system and he has been travelling the world with his family for a long time now.

I asked Chris to do a web class for my Mamba tribe and he agreed.

In the class, he logs into his account to show you live one of his niches that he has running and also how he sets up these google ads and websites.

It’s brilliant and you can sign up for the class here.