How to Avoid Burning Out

Depression is at an all time high.  It’s not just something that affects the middle-aged and the old, either. It’s striking more young people than ever, according to WebMD. I’m no doctor, so I’m not qualified to give you advice – beyond that if you think you might be depressed, you should really seek professional

There’s a certain fascination in our society with the rich. We elevate them as thought leaders, we aspire to become one of them, we want to live the lifestyle. Nothing wrong with that. I believe that anyone who has worked hard and achieved things most people only dream about, can share a golden nugget of

Pull-ups and business goals… huh?

I just read a very interesting article. The point of it was… “Your Inability To Do Pull-ups Is All In Your Head!” Interesting. Immediately, it dawned on me… isn’t it exactly what we’re struggling within our businesses? Isn’t our inability to make the first sale, to build our list, to get to 5 figures per

Feeling Lazy?

Have you ever felt lazy, unmotivated, and sleepy all the time? Have those feelings been 5x stronger when you’re trying to start something new? Such as building a business, learning a new skill, or adopting an exercise routine? As a result… have you diagnosed yourself with incurable laziness and considered returning into the welcoming arms