Feeling Lazy?

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Have you ever felt lazy, unmotivated, and sleepy all the time?

Have those feelings been 5x stronger when you’re trying to start something new? Such as building a business, learning a new skill, or adopting an exercise routine?

As a result… have you diagnosed yourself with incurable laziness and considered returning into the welcoming arms of Netflix?

I Have Good News And Bad News For You

Good news is, laziness doesn’t even really exist, according to research in psychology.

Remember that the next time you chastise yourself about not getting enough done.

Laziness is just a character judgement that does you no good. It doesn’t help you understand why you’re not making an effort to work on your business, to exercise, or to look up healthier ways to eat.

Bad news? You still have to do something about it, if you want it to go away. But it’s easy once you know what’s truly happening.

Let’s look at what’s really happening when you’re feeling lazy and procrastinating.

Fear Of Failure

When fear of failure is conscious, it’s not all that bad. If you know you don’t want to play a piano in front of a huge audience because you’re objectively not that great of a piano player, so you use that fear of failure to practice extra hard… that’s fine, and healthy.

On the other hand, when fear of failure is subconscious, it will often cause you to procrastinate without you even noticing. It’ll tell you that there’s no point in even watching a single Youtube video about how to be a better piano player, because you’ll fail anyway.

It can have many causes.

What it will do is it will make you reluctant to try and become better at something, it will let your self-sabotaging tendencies run wild, and it will make you a perfectionist that will only ever do anything if you know you’ll do it perfectly and successfully.

Here’s a couple of things you can do to reduce fear of failing.

Step #1: Look at the worst case scenario. Sure, there are times when the worst case is truly disastrous, but most of the time, especially when it comes to just starting things… it’s usually not that bad. Recognize this and move forward, knowing that the worst case scenario has nothing on you.

Step #2: Analyze all potential outcomes. Most people stand like deer in headlights, never starting anything because they fear the unknown. You can remove that fear by just running through all the potential outcomes in your head.

Step #3: Start by setting small goals. Especially if you’re new to this… small goals work best. Can’t get started on that business idea? Well, what’s the one thing you can do in 5 minutes that will move it forward? Do just that and come back tomorrow. Get moving!

Fear Of Success

Here’s something really interesting. In my opinion…

Fear of success stops even more people from achieving their dreams… than fear of failure.

Here’s why. We all have in ourselves a certain setting of “normal”. It’s what we believe we should earn, how much should we weigh, how much time we should spend with the people we love, and so on.

Once we do something and start, for example, earning more, we get confused. Who are we supposed to be now? What are we supposed to do?

Is our success threatening to others – are we going to get excluded from our tribe?

So most people rarely achieve what they’re truly capable of… just because they’re afraid of actually succeeding.

They’re afraid of what success is actually going to bring.

My best tip to fix this is to allow yourself to slowly adjust to any success you’re seeing. Let it sink in, celebrate it, make it your new “normal” – and then move forward again.

When you’re building a business, celebrate that first sale. Make it your new normal – “now I’m going to make a sale every week”. Double it. 10x it. 100x it. But always remember to take a breath to celebrate and readjust.

Recalibrate your normal setting, and you won’t be afraid of success anymore.

Stop Being Afraid Of Failure… And Of Success

… And you’ll achieve things other people just dream about.

Keep an eye out… I’ll send you something very soon that might be interesting to you – even if you’re still convinced you’re lazy.