How to Avoid Burning Out

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Depression is at an all time high. 

It’s not just something that affects the middle-aged and the old, either. It’s striking more young people than ever, according to WebMD.

I’m no doctor, so I’m not qualified to give you advice – beyond that if you think you might be depressed, you should really seek professional help.

However, I want to share just one insight, that might help prevent stress, burning out and maybe help keep some demons at bay. 

Imagine the following:

Every day, you go to work and create something that’s really meaningful to you.

You’re proud of the result. 

You feel like you spent your day making the world a better place in one way or another.

No matter what you do, you can’t help but feel a deep sense of fulfillment.

Contrast that with what most people are facing every single day of their lives. Maybe you’re among them, too. They spend their days doing things they hate doing, working with and for people they hate, what they do at their job doesn’t affect the world one way or another, and there’s no fulfillment at the end of the day.


If that sounds like something you’re going through… you need to be serious about that. Burnout and depression can happen at a drop of a hat… and I want nothing more than for you to take every precaution possible to avoid that.

I’m going to send you something very soon… something that you can do that will create a great sense of fulfillment as you do it.

Talk soon!