How To Make 3K Per Month Online During The Recession

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This year so far, I’ve been busy running my businesses, playing with my kids, surfing, golfing etc.  Life was pretty good, until this Covid 19 virus struck.

Here in South Africa we are in total lockdown for 21 days! The whole economy is shut and only essential products such as food and medicine are allowed to trade. The rest of us had to shut our doors.

Now, I have 2 offline retail businesses here in SA, I also run a few Authority Affiliate sites that mainly derives income from Amazon Associates, Clickbank and Shareasale. I also sell physical products on Amazon through their FBA program.

Since my retail businesses are closed for 3 weeks with no trade and I still have to pay the staff, rent, insurance, suppliers etc. it is a stressful situation for sure and I am so grateful for my Affiliate businesses.

Our economy was already on the ropes and now this happened, and I think that we are heading for a huge recession and maybe even a depression.

In fact, I think the whole world is headed for a big recession, if not a depression. See this article I wrote in August of last year where I predicted a coming recession.

I remember the recession of 2008, I was a waiter in California while working on my Amazon affiliate sites part time. The recession struck and I saw carnage everywhere around me.

The restaurant struggled to break even, patron’s that became my friends lost half of their life savings, many more got laid off. It was bad!

My online businesses however continued to grow and I ended up quitting the restaurant in 2010 to go full time online. 

This time reminds me of 2008, lots of people already lost their jobs and many more will lose theirs in the coming months.

Online business will continue to grow, especially during this lockdown where many people sit at home and browse the net. Lots of money to be made.

Let me give you a tried and tested method for making money online. I still do this today because it works.

I just signed up for a free service called Glimpse. I suggest that you also signup for the free account. Glimpse gives us real time trends for what people are searching for online.

Guess what came up as one of the biggest trends currently?

Bread makers!

I have a special place in my heart for bread makers because my first Amazon Affiliate site that I ever built, was about bread makers. I reviewed the 10 best, gave recipes and other useful content on the site. 

It started to rank to the number one spot on Google and before I knew it that site was making 6k per month in Affiliate commissions through Amazon. That was Auto pilot money, I did not have to lift a finger to get that income.

Then I built another site and got it to rank, and then another, by the end of 2010 I was doing 15k a month in affiliate commissions while travelling the world. Life was grand.

Then in 2012 I boarded a flight from Costa Rica back to South Africa for my sister’s wedding.

When I landed, I logged into my Amazon affiliate account as I always do to see how much money I made during the flight and it was down 90%!

Google had an update to their search engine algorithm called Penguin and all of my sites tanked in the rankings overnight.

Anyway, since then I built new sites and got them to rank again, this time white hat and I am still earning from them to this day.

I also use Google Adwords to promote my sites.

Let me give you an example of what you can do.

Build a authority site about say Baking.

Review the top 10 Best Makers, Top 10 Food Processors, Stand Mixers etc. Give recipes, cleaning guides, maintenance guides, best baking practices articles etc.

These are all expensive products on Amazon with good commissions per sale. 

Look at this bread Maker for example.

I literally sold hundreds of that exact same one back in 2011. Back then it sold for $227 and I got $16 commission per sale. I see that it now cost $500 with a commission of around $40 bucks.

Run some Adwords traffic to your Top 10 Bread Makers post, Maybe you spend 20 bucks to make a sale and earn $40 in commission. That’s 20 bucks profit.

Sell 5 a day and you are making $100 a day profit or 3k a month just from that one post. Do the same with Stand Mixers, Food processors etc.

Also, slowly work on ranking those posts on Google organically. In about 6 months time that will kick in as well and you can double or even triple your income.

Anyway, that’s enough for today.

I’ll try and expand more on this method and others when I can.

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